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Dhcp not updating dns ptr records dating becomes a relationship

In case your DHCP server is a standalone Windows Server 2012 server, you can use the local administrator account credentials to log on while making the above configurations in the DHCP server.I have a issue with my DNS PTR Records not updating for some reason. The A records seem to create just fine however the PTR records do not.

Our intention in setting the scopes this way was that the Net Motion IP would be present in DNS for the device (would "win").

The thought process was that yes once every 4 days, the wifi lease would expire and yes, DNS might get updated to the wifi IP temporarily, but within an hour at most, the Net Motion lease would expire/renew, and the IP would be updated back to the Net Motion IP for the device.

We have a set of mobile PCs which connect via Verizon when in the field, but via wifi when the vehicles in which they are mounted drive into the facility.

Layered on top of those connections is a virtual adapter implemented by a Net Motion VPN client.

The wifi and Net Motion connections employ Infoblox DHCP scopes to obtain their IP and network settings (the Verizon connections are managed separately via a private IP setup with Verizon, and don't come into play in this issue).

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The wifi scope has a lease length of 8 days; the Net Motion client scope has a lease length of 2 hours.

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