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But what exactly is it all about, and more importantly, how can it help YOU with anxiety, eating disorders, and so much more?Learn all about the power of mindfulness as well as effective exercises you can do right now with Katie Goode! Most of us get distracted, zone out, or spend most of our time running …[Read more...]Starting college is a time of immense freedom for many, and immense fear for many others.Each year, freshman leave home to a new setting, new friends, new pressures and workload, and new stresses.Stereotypes have been around for as long as time can tell, and while their origin are unclear there is without a definitive doubt that they still have a profound impact on us in the future.However, in our modern age technology has transported stereotypes significantly faster than in the past through word of mouth.

Sometimes helping your teen by distracting them works. But I have a few tricks that worked for me when I was a freshman and I think they may help you out too. I could argue that this is the hardest story I have ever written.

Don’t be overly concerned with the "Freshman 15" Sure, there is a possibility that you will gain some weight during college, but there isn’t a universal amount of weight that … ” The important thing to know at this very moment is, it is happening to millions of people and you can get through it. It is a personal story involving self discovery, confusion, anger, ignorance, laughter, and last but certainly not least authenticity. (Or looking for how to overcome anxiety and depression? These are the courageous stories from our readers that will show you, from their experiences, how to overcome anxiety and depression. When I first realized it was so close I was shocked at how fast the past year went by and I started to think about what I was doing this time last year.

I had always been the type of person to worry too much about everything. But with anxiety issues, something is guaranteed to go wrong.

My family had always teased me about my inability to just "go with the flow" or "live on the edge." I was the type of person to live religiously by my planner, scheduling in lunches with friends or … It’s either the greatest time of your life (so far) or absolutely terrifying. Freshman year is one of the riskiest years of your life in regards to mental health.

So if you already know that you have some sort of disorder, or even if you don’t think you do, you should go see a …

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[Read more...]This word Mindfulness, we hear it a lot.

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