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Dodating skype spam bible verse about christians dating non christians

From the user experience perspective, it is a bothersome, lowly product that is designed to cram advertisements down your throat.It started as a decent IM client with encryption, good audio and, later on, video collaboration. And it started serving ads to you, day and night, inside your very call windows.So the question is, how do you restore Skype to some basic sanity without having to purge it away from your box?Believe it or not, Microsoft has recently released version 4 of Skype for Linux.

If you can afford, you might want to use this option.

This is the only 100% effective way of getting rid of the nonsense.

On Windows, the crapfest started with the release of the major version 5, which you may want to uninstall.

Please note that you cannot use the Skype installers for that purpose, even if you've kept them safely saved somewhere.

The installer will always pull the latest version or fail to do so at all.

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