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Driscoll on dating gifts for women while dating

This article centers around a new student at Rosewood High.For another version check out Sidney Barnes, the Rosewood district attorney who informs Ashley Marin that all charges against her have been dropped.Sydney is a new member on the Rosewood High Swim Team having just transferred in.She admires Emily and her swimming talent and would like to adapt her style to suit that of Emily's.

In "How the 'A' Stole Christmas", it was revealed that Sydney, along with Jenna, are a part of Alison's new group of followers.

At the masquerade Ice Ball, Sydney reveals to Emily that she and Jenna believe Alison was the one who murdered Mona.

Emily first notices Sydney staring at her by the staircase at Rosewood High and later again at the lockers.

Walking into the locker rooms from being in the pool, Sydney is disappointed in her 58 second time.

Emily tells her that her technique is so much better and then asks if they want to meet up the next day.

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