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Eff my dating life Adult colorado dating personals

You have to consider the context and nuance of your relationships for this rule to actually work.“But he wasn’t a ‘fuck yeah’?” my friend said for the 3rd time while telling me about her latest dating disaster.

Unfortunately, like most advice floating around the interwebs, the headline sounds soooo good, but you have to actually read the damn article.

Short catchy advice needs to be applied to your life in a thoughtful and considerate way or you risk turning into a raging douchetard.

Because this is real life, and all rules have exceptions.

A dozen bad dates later, she realized she’d made a horrible mistake and called to see if he was still interested in “getting a drink”. He was super hurt, and her quick decision had made him feel discarded when he was most vulnerable.

She burned a bridge and passed up a really great guy without really understanding why.

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She decided to never ever use the Fuck Yes Rule again. Here are a few things that I’ve learned about the Fuck Yeah!

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