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She was on the Emmy-award winning ABC series Lost, playing "Claire", a young Australian who gave birth on the mysterious island and has a close relationship with "Charlie", played by Dominic Monaghan.Emilie lives in California with her dogs, Bella and Mabel.In 2007 she separated from husband Josh Janowicz but Emilie confirmed on the 28 April 2008 episode of the Opie and Anthony Show on XM Radio that she is still, in fact, happily married. Emilie was born on 27th December 1981, and grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia.

She relocated to California and was on Roswell before she even owned an apartment.

After 2 years on the show, she then made notable guest appearances in CSI: Miami and The Handler.

She stayed in TV, playing the bad girl Chris in Carrie, a movie made for TV.

She also changed genres, starring in Santa's Slay, a black comedy.

Emilie has shown her versatility by branching out into film, making her debut at Sundance 2005 with the the award-winning indie film Brick.

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