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This is not a Test/Trial Server but a Dedicated Free Server. This software tool is easy to install and has a friendly user interface.View,record and control enigma 1 based deamboxes on pc by one program.The program is based upon streaming video from dreambox to computer by aid of windows media player.Also once you've entered in the data for the Sims you're playing, Sims2DB keeps track of who your Sims are related to, and how they're related.

Sims2DB (short for Sims2 Data Base) is an easy way to keep track of and collect data on your Sims.

Track your Sims by individual or by household, create and print reports, and use this information to make the best matchmaking decisions for your Sims.

FLICster is a FLC file utility for working with unit . Main Features : - It can read a Civ III unit animation (.flc) file and split it into 8 standard .

FLC files - It can read in 8 standard FLC files and turn them into a CIV III compatible unit FLC - It can spit out a bunch of information about FLC files to help in diagnosing problems.

It simplifies the installation and management of Lot R: O plugins.

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It’s designed to accommodate users with no prior experience with plugins.

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