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In our study, however, only females of low condition displayed a clear mate preference.Differences observed among populations could be partly explained by differences in female condition. Alternatively, mate preference may depend on the direct costs and benefits of mating with certain males, which may vary among females.Several models of state-dependent mate choice (for a review see []) predict that high-quality females are more choosy and invest more in mate sampling, assuming that mate preference should be more beneficial for high-quality females and low-quality females have less to gain from discrimination.Conversely, high-quality females did not show a clear preference.

The black throat patch of the male house sparrow, , is an intensively studied plumage trait.

It is often referred to as a 'badge of status' and seems to be involved in female mate choice, but differences exist among populations.

Between-population variation in mate preference may occur for condition-dependent mate preferences.

We tested the hypothesis that female preference may vary with female quality (body condition).

Therefore, we measured female preference for badge size using an aviary two-choice test in which females were presented with two males that had different sizes of badges (enlarged or averaged).

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