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AMC’s The Walking Dead and I have a strange relationship in that I watch it but don’t particularly care for it.I can’t really tell you why I tune in every week, but it has something to do with my great love for the comic books and a desire to see horror on television, mostly regardless of quality.The books by Robert Kirkman have always had a bit of melodrama about them, but the show has often taken that to obvious, soap opera levels.“The Walking Dead” comics feature a great cast of characters with complex motivations and relationships.

But Jurassic Park worked [Due to Content Scraping and Theft, we have been forced to try abbreviated feeds.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and woud very much appreciate you clicking through to view the full article on Film School Rejects.com] John Carter lightly transported itself into theaters this past weekend, securing a relatively meager $30m opening domestically, though it managed to secure another $70m internationally.

While I will eventually make a defense of the economics at play here, it is hard to argue that John Carter isn’t a domestic failure, considering it came in second to The Lorax, which debuted a full week earlier.

On top of that, John Carter has a suspected $250m budget with marketing costs guestimated in the $100m range, for a total investment of around $350m.

The critics have been somewhat kind to the civil war veteran’s debut – while the average review seems to be “it’s alright,” there have certainly been some hyperbolic highs and very few hyperbolic lows.

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