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Firebird psql updating dating online uk

Code in stored procedures must be absolutely non-interactive.Since most applications need some level of interaction, user experiences suggest it is not a good design to try to write an application entirely through stored procedures.The SQL server cannot completely replace the application server; so it is up to the designer to compare the advantages and disadvantages of coding in the database layer versus the application layer. This language is strictly static, this language isn't designed for heavy mathematic, string or array operations (the best using of PL/pg SQL is like glue for SQL statements).PL/pg SQL is not useful in initializations of bigger arrays, because any array update can be slow.

A stored procedure is database logic code, saved on the SQL server, and executed later.

In Postgre SQL, stored procedures can be created using any of these languages: SQL, Perl, Python, TCL, and PL/pg SQL.

PL/pg SQL is the most frequently used language for writing stored procedures.

If there’s no other way, it’s much faster to create fields of a array by conversion table (by SRF function) into the array.

For example the fastest way to populate a field with incrementing values is SELECT ARRAY(SELECT * FROM generate_series(1,100));.

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