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There is no sense in owning a million pair of cheap jeans that do not make you feel amazing. And, my golden rule: when you find a pair that you absolutely love, buy more than one in multiple washes, especially if you struggle with jeans shopping. ALL ABOUT FIT Matt Baldwin, Founder and Designer at Menswear blogs from GQ to Esquire have noted that today’s jeans market is so saturated with confusing choices that anyone trying to buy a pair of jeans that just fits is often frustrated.If your body type doesn’t lend to the latest fit crazes, such as super skinny, do not beat yourself up.Jeans are a wardrobe essential and you should feel confident and comfortable in them. Here’s some classic fits we love: Slim Fit Unlike Saran wrap tight skinny jeans, slim-fit jeans should gently hug the thighs, knees, and calves and loosen up around your ankles. I’m a size 4 to 6 and apparently fashion designers believe that if you are anything over a size 2, you must be at least 5’6” tall, which I am not.Some have described jeans shopping as “soul crushing,” “self-esteem destroying,” “masochistic,” and “terrifying.” How many times have you been lured into a store by a sign reading “JEANS: 50% OFF,” only to leave the store’s dressing room practically in tears after trying on a pile o’ unflattering denim?Well, this jeans primer is not going to change the fact that designers mass produce clothing for body types that are unattainable to the majority of us. But, it will outline some basic “jeans 101” so that you have some foundation when you are diving into the process of finding a perfect pair, especially in a market that now has an overwhelming number of cuts and styles. FIRST THINGS FIRST: KNOW YOUR MEASUREMENTS Many brands will have sizes that read something like “34×32.” The first number corresponds to your waist measurement.dapper Q He Said/We Said model Tiq Milan rocks Levi’s. The second number corresponds to your inseam measurement.

Via Esquire Some dapper Qs prefer the fit of women’s jeans (e.g., “boyfriend,” “straight leg,” and “skinny” cuts).

However, women’s jeans are often sized with an arbitrary, single number, such as size “6”.

There is no industry standard for women’s jeans sizing, meaning there is even less consistency across brands.

While some women’s jeans do have sizes that correspond to your actual waist and inseam measurements, you should be prepared to accept that jeans with arbitrary sizing offer less choice regarding your specific inseam measurements; at best, these jeans come in short, regular, or long. Most retailers post size charts on their websites that provide ballpark waist and inseam measurements. Another popular women’s cut is the “boyfriend.” You can style these Paul Smith “boyfriend jeans” masculine, feminine, and anywhere in between. LESS IS MORE: INVEST, INVEST, INVEST If you found the perfect pair of jeans for a couple of bucks at the thrift store, congratulations!

When you get to know a brand’s sizing practices ahead of time, you’ll save time and won’t be devastated if you need to go up a few sizes when trying on brands that run small. Your patience has paid off and you’ve earned your treasure.

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