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Rito Yuuki is the main male protagonist of the To Love-Ru series, and its sequels, Motto To Love-Ru, To Love-Ru Darkness, and To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd.

Rito's nature is an extremely loving one, yet also somewhat clumsy, where he always ends up unintentionally molesting or groping the many girls in the series.

He is generally very kind, thoughtful and has a lot of respect for women, though mostly by intention, and not so much by success.

Due to his shyness around girls, he is very awkward around women and has great difficulty maintaining his composure around any sort of stimulating situation.

As of Chapter 61 of Darkness, Rito became Nemesis' Trans-Fusion host after he offered her his body as a temporary home until she recovered enough power to retain a physical form. In the original series the spikes on his hair were sharp and seemingly sticking out, but in To-Love-Ru Darkness his hair seems to be a lot more neat and softer.

He is shown to be of average height, if compared to other male students in his class and is taller than most of the female cast.

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Rito is kind, loving, sweet, loyal, friendly, humble, caring, a gentleman (in principle), and is willing to help out almost anyone when they need it, even if they say they don't want or ask for it.

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