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If a parent files for an injunction on behalf of a minor child, teen or young adult, that person must reside at home with parents and the parent must have credible and reasonable cause to believe the child is a victim of dating violence.The alleged act or acts of violence must be detailed in the petition; if there were witnesses to the act of violence, witness statements may be included as well as photographs of the results of the violent act.Once a petition for injunction is filed, a hearing will be set at the earliest possible time and the alleged abuser will be served with a copy of the petition, a notice of the hearing and a temporary injunction, if issued.The association between the couple must have been ongoing for at least six months and must involve the expectation of fondness or intimacy.The frequency and nature of interaction between the couple will be considered.The term “dating violence” does not encompass violence committed between casual acquaintances nor does it include violence between two persons who have engaged only in ordinary interactions of a business or social context.

If you feel a temporary injunction has been filed against you erroneously, we will attend the upcoming hearing, arguing your case on your behalf.

Whether a couple has (or had) a continuing romantic or sexual relationship with one another is the first criteria in determining whether charges of dating violence can be considered.

Victims of dating violence are now better able to defend themselves due to stronger Florida laws giving these victims added protections.

Dating violence includes any type of assault or battery and encompasses stalking, false imprisonment and kidnapping between persons currently involved in a romantic relationship.

The law affords the same protection to victims of dating violence as it offers victims of domestic violence, including the ability to file a criminal complaint and a police report regarding the alleged dating violence incident—so long as a dating relationship of at least six months has been established between the victim and the alleged perpetrator.

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