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I'm going through an older application and replacing a somewhat complex scheme of user control templating with Master Pages today. To Short Date String() + "_PODiscrepancy Results.csv"; file Name = file Name. For the most part this has been going real well until I hit a page that that relies on page inheritance where there's a common page base class that needs to have access to the controls on the page. NET has never made this exactly easy, because the base class doesn't allow you access to the controls from the lower level as ASP. Name; try { if (row Ct 0) { // Create the CSV file to which grid data will be exported. Replace("/", ""); string file Name And Path = Server. Delete(file Name And Path); } Stream Writer sw = File. NET adds the properties higher up in the hierarchy. Map Path("~/Output Files/") + file Name; //Stream Writer sw = new Stream Writer(Server. Create Text(file Name And Path); // First we will write the headers.

Although this is easier, I suspect it's better to do the explicit thing if that option is available to you as it probably has better performance.

Also I suspect Microsoft didn't include this sort of a function in ASP.

NET 2.0 the control definitions are auto-generate with no chance to override the control definitions.

The only workaround has been using Find Control() and dynamically retrieve the control definitions.

And this is where things get a bit tricky with Master Pages.

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