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What this means, is that you can send message to ANYONE in the world, as long as you have a smartphone and data connection (be that a cellular data plan, or a wifi connection). Well here’s the thing – long, long before i Message was even heard of, Whatsapp was making the rounds in Asia as the top paid App Store application, and with good reason.It’s the first time that we’ve had access to free, instantaneous, cross-platform international communication.While i Message requires you to have each others’ Apple IDs (an email address), Whatsapp works straight away as long as you have someone’s phone number in your existing address book.This is HUGE, and probably a large contributing factor to Whatsapp’s success/dominance as the main phone-based instant messaging platform.There are a couple of things you need to do to use Whatsapp to its full potential.Take a look at this: You’ll see the way that I’ve set up his (fictional) phone number – I’ve tagged it as USA, meaning that it is his United States number. “1” is the international dialing code for the US/Canada.The “+”, tells my phone to start an international dial, regardless of which country I am in.

In Australia, you dial 0011, then the country code, then the number.

The “+” sign is a universal translator that handles that first “001” or “0011” for you.

I can definitely recommend to find like-minded people so you can bounce off ideas. Even though we are miles apart (I’m in Budapest, he is in Bangkok) we still bounce off ideas on calls and text messages, including with our friends.

Try to see if you can setup your mastermind group and get together once a while – this will really help.

Sometimes when you work through your stuff, like your goals, by yourself it can seem hard but with support of others it will make things a lot easier.

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