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It is working in Xubuntu, because in Xfce we see the root X window by default.In chat, someone reported it working in Ubuntu 12.04, but in my Ubuntu 13.10 VM I don't see snow.The problem is that, as I mentioned, draws solely on the root X Window.The root X window is the "parent" of all the other X windows and is therefore also invisible, because modern desktop environments such as KDE and Unity usually hide the root X window with a desktop effects compositor.And this one doesn't work with xsnow but it will work with a lot of other apps... Altough in unity-2d the snow in the air is invisible, only the fallen are visible, but that's because of my graphic card and its driver. If in gnome-tweak-tool I uncheck I didn't have much trouble with getting it work.. I thought I found a command here but it really makes no sense as it called xscrensaver/plasma: fsckin.com/2008/04/14/fun-with-xwinwrap-in-compiz-fusion it would be sweet if Vdesk worked, but when I installed it in kubuntu and tried to run it nothing happened.not sure why, but toggling the desktop icon visibility just worked.. On a standard 12.04.3 64 bit install, login, have just a terminal window near the bottom of the screen, and start xsnow, which works.it's not advised to, but I was looking to quickly edit some files so I started nautilus as root with (then I didn't know about the --no-desktop switch, which later too didn't help).. Seems to be a leftover knowledge of where windows were when xsnow was started, and the snow cutoff still occurs after the window is moved or iconized.

Is there any way to view the root X window activity and thus see the snow? You can also use the Compiz plugin Snow, Check how it works on this Youtube video I found xwinwrap, that let you stick any app as your desktop background. So I can't advise to try that..) I had also come across some mention of using shantz-xwinwrap for For Unity Compiz, however, it doesn't seem possible on to use with 13.10's version of unity without more fine-tuned control of xsnow.

Click here to download it, Or here to read to coder's release note It does not give you access to the root window (which seems difficult on most desktop environments). That said if you want to give it a try in a terminal execute: I'm having trouble with remote display of my home computer otherwise I'd totally be testing this.

Frequently asked question: I start Xsnow but I don't see any snow?

Answer: Xsnow makes it snow on the X-window "root" window.

That root window is often obscured by desktop managers, to display icons and tools.

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So, Xsnow works fine, you just cannot see the snow! I tried it in an Ubuntu 13.10 VM, Kubuntu 13.10 and 14.04, and a Lubuntu Trusty Live USB.

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