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It’s particularly surprising that telco companies are trusted - given that telco-bashing is a US sport. In surveys, OX found that only retailers are more trusted. There is nobody who is solving this problem, and it’s a very delicate problem.

They don’t have much choice, says Rafael Laguna, the open source veteran at Open Xchange.

What the Schrems vs Facebook decision in the European Court means, Laguna argues, is that any data protection guarantee that a US company makes in Europe is worthless, and so any business processing a European individual’s data on US servers exposes them to lawsuits they can’t win.

“Suppose I’m a German business, and I get an agreement from Google, which says everything is good, and I put that into my file.

When a customer sues me, I go to court and find that agreement isn’t worth a dime. “This takedown of Safe Harbor will be remembered as a historical event. The real patch is you do business with a trusted supplier operating in a country whose laws you trust.

And that doesn’t mean the over-the-top big boys from California,” says Laguna.

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