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Note: If you have questions about this article, use the tutorial feedback link at the bottom of the article.Please don’t contact technical support with questions about Adobe Developer Connection articles.How many times have you flipped through a magazine in line at the checkout counter before deciding to buy?

As of v27 (July 2013), readers will also have the option to preview a limited number of metered articles based on a number specified by the publisher as a paywall threshold.

When readers navigate to an article that is not free, either when flipping through, or when browsing, they will have the option to purchase the issue or subscribe to the publication.

With the support for metered article preview in v27, the Large Purchase Pane has been redesigned to include a "Read Article" button to enable a preview download of metered articles and to include the article TOC thumbnail and available article metadata including the Title, Author and Description.

The article TOC thumbnail and metadata will update as the reader swipes through articles.

When a reader navigates to a metered article in flip view, they will see a preview image of the first page of the article behind the large purchase panel.

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