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I love the thrill and the joy derived from discovering new beauty products, so for today’s installment of beauty news, I wanted to bring you a multitude of products and brands to explore.

The place that has given us Rock and Roll, Mickey Mouse, and Coca Cola (to name just a few things)...

is world renowned for it’s ethnic, religious and cultural diversity, and for propagating the American Dream...

Often called the ‘land of the free’, it is this sense of liberation and freedom that has made our site such a success here.

Antonym, the only ECOCERT certified line of natural and organic makeup is free of all of the potentially bad stuff, such as parebens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, phthalates, and is cruelty free, founded by pro makeup artist Valerie Giraud.

Even the packaging is designed with eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as bamboo, making for an earth-friendly, and good looking makeup presentation.

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