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The secret of their relationship gets harder to hide as they fall deeper in love and can’t handle hiding it.Things also gets more difficult when a major fan of Sohee, Heechul a member of the band Super Junior gets close to Sohee and Jiyong does a song with a fellow YG family member 2ne1 Dara and fans goes wild pairing them up as a couple.Being in the lime light, have a secret, and jealousy causes plenty of stress in Jiyong and Sohee’s “beautiful life” making them questions their relationship.

So in light of the upcoming show and the possible birth of more celebrity couples, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite make-believe couples that we wish would just hurry up and date in real life.

Gary and Song Ji Hyo Nicknamed the ‘Monday Couple,’ Lee Ssang’s Gary and actress Song Ji Hyo of SBS’ Running Man are the ‘It’ couple of the moment, and we’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who want the two lovebirds to take the relationship off screen.

A brighter side to this story though is Seungri, Jiyong’s band member, and Sunmi who left the Wonder Girls who reconnected after not meeting or taking in two years. A Beautiful Life Can’t Always Guarantee Happy Endings.

Will Sunye and Donghae gets stronger or break down ?

Valentine’s Day may still be weeks away, but when did Korea ever need an excuse to celebrate love (read: remind us how much it sucks to be single)?

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