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Due to the inconsistency in your spouse's ability to follow through and remember to do things, the feelings of being burdened with more of your fair share of responsibilities can create more feelings of stress.7. When one's best effort to resolve these problems go nowhere, the sense of sadness and lack of hope may pervade the relationship and lead to a separation or divorce. With understanding and knowledge, one can transcend these feelings and find a new way of being in the relationship.Learning all you can about ADD and how it affects your partner is vital.It is important to remember that even though your partner may no longer be hyperfocused on you and your relationship, that does not mean he does not still love you.

The challenges faced when married to someone with untreated Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) can prove difficult to navigate.

How does this happen and why is this so predictable in couples whose spouses have untreated ADD?

In the beginning of the courtship between you and your ADD spouse, you may have been completely swept off your feet or ravished with, both, attention and affection, while being the primary focus of your partner's life.

His "hyperfocus" on the relationship probably felt intoxicating and romantic. When someone with ADD enters into a new romantic relationship, the initial excitement feels so stimulating to the ADD brain (as it's currently being flooded with adrenaline and endorphins) that it causes the person to completely turn their attention to you.

However, this kind of excitement diminishes over time, along with the adrenaline rush as the ADD spouse looks elsewhere for stimulation.

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