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High school dating to marriage whose shane west dating

We were 17 when we met, the summer before senior year, at a barbecue a mutual friend was hosting. That life was my goal and was so different from what I lived as a child: isolated home in the country, career mother, detached father, and no siblings. They were high school sweethearts, together forever, raising a big brood of children in a distinctly suburban house filled with chaos, laughter, and smiles. Before I met my husband, I was fascinated by the parents of a friend.As a lonely teen, I longed for a soulmate, who would become my entire life. Ahead of the curve with our marital status, we drifted away from most friends who remained single for years. It was the right time for us and we quickly bought a starter home.I dreamed of a life of love and as soon as we started to date, it seemed my dreams were coming true. I finished college and went to law school and he worked to support us. Any friends we still had were mostly single or just beginning to think about marriage.

Every moment of every day I knew I had my best friend to depend on.

The years have sped by and we recently celebrated our 26th anniversary.

As always, we're ahead of the curve with people our age.

Our daughter has moved out and is in medical school.

Our son is a senior in high school and increasingly independent, busy, and absent.

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