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How could he fall in love with someone like Tsukishima? He doesn't really know how or when, the only thing he knows is that he found himself blushing everytime he is with the blond, he acts really stupid when Tsukishima is around, he doesn't know what to say and that's mostly why he keeps his mouth shut... He can play with Hinata as long as there isn’t anything to do. He can't understand how one can possibly be so foolishly in love.They were total opposites, Hinata was the Sun and Tsukishima was the moon. everything about him; his height, his actions, his personality, his hair... He asked Sugawara-san about this weird feelings and he told him that Hinata is probably in love. It's just not for him; it's an useless feeling which will only bother him. He was thinking about what can Hinata do, when he can’t even recieve a ball properly.He was terrified when he heard it for the first time; it was something unbelievable for him. Of course, he has got big brown eyes, full lips, bright smile, soft skin and shiny personality, but none of that matters. He can’t be a libero, and there isn’t any other place for him.And now, he accepts the fact that he is deeply in love with someone, who will be the most probably the death of him. Tsukishima was destroying every good part of him with every day which passed. He didn’t want to cry, but he couldn’t do anything about the fact that the tears was already falling down his cheeks. Tsukishima knows that Hinata is in love with him, but he is only playing with Hinata's feelings. He was bored and Hinata was so naive, he couldn’t resist. He didn't know about his jump ability, until the match between them. Nobody can be happy all the time, because there is at least one thing that will make even a person like Hinata sad.

Hinata loves Tsukishima for real, so he couldn't see that Tsukishima's only playing with him. This idea was born after one day with my friend and her boyfriend. Of course, not every person is like that, but Hinata is for sure one of those people who hide the biggest pain and are trying to hide it under this bright, beautiful smile. It gives off the illusion that he is happy, even if it's a lie.

But after two weeks, he's starting to realizing that Tsukki maybe isn't in love with him, but he keeps dating him, because he can't leave."As long as I'm with him, it's okay." He thinks, but after another two weeks and after one incident, he'll finally break. Her boyfriend was nice, but he broke up with my friend because of some bitch, with "I'm sorry, I didn't really love you." Bastard. Everybody loves him, because he is just this type of boy – he is good with people, always smiling, he is so energetic, funny, cute... The reason why his smile looks so real is because the smile real, but maybe two weeks ago. They didn’t tell anybody, they didn’t want them to know.

I hope this fanfic is not so terrible *looks away*So hope you like it, guys! )This chapter isn't very long, but it just the beginning! To be honest, the truth is that he wanted to tell everyone, he wanted to share his happiness with his friends, but Tsukishima said it's pointless and it will be better if he doesn't tell anyone.

He tried to overlook it, but when the person he loves was so bad to him, he couldn't just let it go. Tsukishima's behavior was still getting worse and he didn't know if he even really loves Hinata. The ginger boy's confession was really funny, he is able to laugh everytime he thinks of that moment; Hinata looked like he was about to cry and the way he bit his lower lip was hilarious. And then, after a lovey-dovey time, he will break up with him. The jump was really powerful, but it was still only a jump. He was surprised at first, but he didn't let the small feeling of unease to overcome him.

But even if he found out that no, Tsukishima doesn't love him, he wouldn't break up; he can't. Yes, he tried to ignore it, but after two weeks, he broke. Did he really think that Tsukishima can accept his feelings and tell him the same? He wants to see his crying face, he wants to destory him in every possible way. When he saw Hinata’s expression, he wanted to smile so badly. There weren't many possibilities, his expression was talking for him. When they made this god-like quick, it was unbelievable. It was really amazing; not that he will ever say that.

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