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Hook up piss the dating game clips

I would say that I'm pretty easy goin' in my day to day endeavors.Though there are a handful of things that I take pretty serious; work, family, health, and fishing tournaments.The first 3 of those go without saying, but when it comes to tournament fishing... The Emerald Coast Professional Redfish Series is based out of Panama City, Florida and consists of 4 events; 3 separate one day events leading up to a two day Championship to close out the year.This is the first year that kayaks are fishing this series even though the tournament is not new in itself.

"Practice how you play" is what I go by for tournament fishing.

I like to get into a mental routine during pre-fishing as if it was game day.

Sixteen and time to pay off I got this job in a piss factory inspecting pipe Forty hours thirty-six dollars a week But it's a paycheck, Jack.

It's so hot in here, hot like Sahara You could faint in the heat But these bitches are just too lame to understand Too goddamned grateful to get this job To know they're getting screwed up the ass All these women they got no teeth or gum or cranium And the way they suck hot sausage But me well I wasn't sayin' too much neither I was moral school girl hard-working asshole I figured I was speedo motorcycle I had to earn my dough, had to earn my dough But no you gotta, you gotta (relate, babe,) You gotta find the rhythm within Floor boss slides up to me and he says "Hey sister, you just movin' too fast, You screwin' up the quota, You doin' your piece work too fast, Now you get off your mustang sally You ain't goin' nowhere, you ain't goin' nowhere." I lay back. I take a swig of Romilar And walk up to hot shit Dot Hook and I say "Hey, hey sister it don't matter whether I do labor fast or slow, There's always more labor after." She's real Catholic, see. We knee you in the john if you don't get off your get off your mustang Sally, If you don't shake it up baby." Shake it up, baby. James Brown singing "I Lost Someone" or the Jesters and the Paragons And Georgie Woods the guy with the goods and Guided Missiles ...

She fingers her cross and she says "There's one reason. But no, I got nothin', no diversion, no window, Nothing here but a porthole in the plaster, in the plaster, Where I look down, look at sweet Theresa's convent All those nurses, all those nuns scattin' 'round With their bloom hoods like cats in mourning.

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