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These configuration settings should work the same under 1.4.23: Added ability to show login error from the IMAP server instead of traditional "Unknown user or password incorrect" (thanks to Alain Williams).See $display_imap_login_error in the configuration file or "4. Display login error from IMAP" in the configuration tool.- Configuration tool now shows the Squirrel Mail version - Added new attachments_top hook to src/read_- When resuming a draft, correct (from) identity is now pre-selected - Removed overly-restrictive character limitations on address book nicknames - Prevent session lock-up caused by filters plugin trying to move messages in an account that is over quota - Added MD5 alternative to directory hash calculation - Added ability for administrator to control whether or not users can edit their reply-to address ($edit_reply_to in config.php) - Added new "login_before_page_header" (boolean) hook; allows plugins to have more explicit control over login page header - Added new "smtp_helo_override" hook; allows plugins to override the HELO host sent to the SMTP server when sending messages - Added STARTTLS support for both IMAP and SMTP connections Version 1.4.22 - 12 July 2011 ----------------------------- - Backported default timezone fix from version 1.5.2; helps mitigate timezone errors in environments where a default has not been set by the administrator.- Full date and time is used as "title" (mouseover) text for dates shown on the message list screen - Custom Stylesheets are now sorted on the Display Preferences page - $xtra in the display Html Header function is now available in the global scope so that plugins can modify it during the generic_header hook - Added some generic client-side (Java Script) libraries (including an asynchronous server request mechansim).See the new /scripts directory (plugin authors can refer to the plugin documentation for how to use them) - Added optional Java Script folder list refresh ("check mail") mechanisms that try to avoid refreshing if server is not responding - see the $check_mail_mechanism setting in config/or the "4. Auto check mail mechanism" setting in the configuration tool.(If you do not update your configuration, you will get messages in your logs: "PHP Notice: Undefined variable: check_mail_mechanism in /path/to/squirrelmail/src/left_on line 322...") - Added advanced control over the SSL context used when connecting to the SMTP and IMAP servers over SSL/TLS (thanks to Emmanuel Dreyfus).

- Added Solarized Light and Solarized Dark themes, by Pavneet Arora.

- Added associative edit list option widget, with optional folder list selector for values - Added option to use blank spacer instead of security image ("This image has been removed for security reasons.") for replacing unsafe images.

************************************** *** Squirrel Mail Stable Series 1.4 *** ************************************** Version 1.4.23 - SVN -------------------- - Added capability to issue SEARCH commands in literal format (so that non-ASCII search terms are handled RFC-correctly).

- Fixed hook name clash: new "smtp_auth" hook added in version 1.4.22 has been renamed to "smtp_authenticate" - Added SASL PLAIN mechanism for IMAP logins; backported from version 1.5.2.

- Prevent syslog warning in call_user_func_array() call when no arguments given. - Changed the read_body_menu_top hook from concat_hook_function to do_hook_function (plugin authors please note) - Always ensure that the Reply-To header is a full email address in outgoing messages - Fixed issue with Noselect mailboxes being clickable in folder list - Made performance improvements in mailbox listing - Attachment filename extensions changed from ".msg" to ".eml" - Unified address book searches somewhat: file-backed address books now search in each field individually; database-backed address books now search in fields other than first/last name (nickname, email); LDAP- backed address books now search in common name fields as well as by email address (cn, sn, givenname, mail) - You may now enable LDAP-backed address books to be listed (using the "List all" button on the address search screen accessed via the "Addresses" button on the compose screen) by adding "$ldap_abook_allow_listing = TRUE;" (without quotes) to config/config_(previously, this required editing of a file).

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- Added ability to control browser rendering mode (quirks versus standards) - see the $browser_rendering_mode setting in config/or the "4. Browser rendering mode" setting in the configuration tool (#3240356).

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