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Intimadating a witness eight simple rules for dating my teenage

Although she gave him proper notice and a cleaning checklist several weeks in advance, when she tried to hold him accountable for the poor condition of the property when he moved out, the tenant threatened to sue .Now, his parents have gotten into the fray, repeatedly emailing the landlord and leaving threatening phone messages.They say they’ve hired a lawyer and will take her to court. Many others have experienced concern that a tenant will find some way to “get even” with them, including calling in building inspectors, law enforcement authorities, or lawyers when the tenant doesn’t have a leg to stand on.A 17 years old Kurdish girl was stoned and kicked to death for having a relationship with a Sunni Muslim boy.It was told as a “honor killing” and has something to do with their religion.The girl was drag to the square in the town and that’s where the tragedy starts.This might not be extremely shocking as it’s common to see animals and brainless people in our society.

Maybe Bush should send someone to control this rather than wasting his time on those stupid wars.

A landlord shared with us the difficulty she is currently experiencing with a tenant who just moved out.

What’s shocking is that there is actually a local Iraqi security force witnessed the killing, but did nothing to stop it.

If you were the officer, would you let such things happen when you can actually stop it?

Even if you think it’s impossible to stop them, do something like shout at them, or even use your gun when necessary.

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