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Since this 4th year class was the Ontario double cohort, about half (50.2) of the students had completed community service in high school as a requirement for graduation while the other half (49.8) had not.

To see the effects of the program on this target population, we divided the mandated group into those who had volunteered prior to their mandated community service (mandated and volunteered group) and those for whom the mandated service was their first experience with the voluntary sector (mandated only group).

The main target population for mandated community service programs are students who would not otherwise be inclined to volunteer their time.

Henderson Results Comparing HS Volunteering Experiences of Mandated and Non-Mandated Students Current Volunteering Comparing the Mandated Service Group with other Service groups and a No Service group Those mandated to volunteer in high school did so at a greater rate than those who did not have a requirement (94 vs 77).

Only for the attitudinal measure regarding volunteering does is the mandated only group more like the other two volunteering groups.

Method Participants completed a 25-minute online survey dealing with their high school community service experience and with their recent community service activities.

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The survey also gathered information about the social and family background of the students.

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