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Episode 4 was much better than Episode 3 — although really, like that was hard. ), Pe2ny, Se7en — yeah, I said Se7en), but “1sagain” — pronounced “once again” — probably takes the cake.Episode 3 was funnier, but 4 was more grounded in reality, which makes it much more watchable, imo. (It reminds me of how the Wonders, the band in EPISODE 4 RECAP After Ji-hoo yells at Jan-di for interfering, she walks off with tears in her eyes.Is this going to be a pattern, with Tuesdays outshining Mondays? He looks upset with himself, but the next day, when everyone gathers at the airport to send Seo-hyun off, Ji-hoo is conspicuously absent. She asks Jun-pyo in a dejected voice, “Can I ask you something?I suppose if we must have it one way or the other, I’d rather the good episode be on Tuesday to leave us with a better impression to last us till the next installment. There are a lot of really lame spellings/acronyms for kpop artists (Fin. ” Jun-pyo responds, “If I said no, are you going to not ask?A little surprised, Jan-di responds, “You know, you may not be an idiot in everything.” He acts as though that’s a compliment, and says he’d rather regret doing something than regret not doing something.

It’s because of you that I realized I’d have to be honest.

You taught me that sometimes you need the courage to hang on.

” Referring to her (formerly assertive) attitude, he tells her, “Just act like you did before.

This doesn’t suit you.” For what it’s worth, Jun-pyo has said this a couple times before, which I think is telling — he might complain about how she always talks back but that’s obviously why he likes her. Jan-di asks if it’s a good idea to “push down your feelings and not show any emotion” when you like somebody a lot.

He tells her that’s crap; it’s the same as ignoring them.

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If the earth caved in the next day, wouldn’t she die of regret?

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