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Mayor cory booker dating Free live sms sexchat norge

And in our imaginations, he's a giver, a caring nurturer, and despite devoting so much time to saving Newark and the country (one day!

Oh, and did I mention he's also a friend to animals?

That sound you just heard is the collective internet throwing their collective internet panties at the man.

CORY BOOKER, you irrepressible saint/fucking terrible boyfriend!

So, there you have it; maybe this dream guy isn't so dreamy after all.

Maybe the ordinary whoever currently next to you in bed is better — whether it's a man, woman, dog, or empty space.

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Maybe, just maybe, Booker is best kept to our imaginations.

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  1. From near and far, we're besieged with comments ranging from, "Cory Booker for Mayor... Cory Booker isn't perfect for you (or any one person) because he's too busy being perfect for the world.