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Muslim speed dating malaysia south wales evening post dating

Finding a 'true gentleman' Muslim-majority Malaysia has long practised a moderate form of Islam.

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The Malaysian concept, staged in a Kuala Lumpur restaurant, is a new twist on Islam's practice of heavily-chaperoned match-making, but aimed at modern singles for whom time is of the essence.

Siti, a 29-year-old graphic designer, has not been in a relationship since her university days.

"I'm here to find someone for marriage because I'm too busy to meet anyone and I spend all my free time with my family," she said during a break, as her parents eagerly compared notes on the male prospects.

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Organizers said more than 2,000 people had applied to take part in the session this past weekend, the second staged so far by "Halal Speed Dating", which uses the term denoting practises that comply with Islamic rules. But unlike Western-style speed dating, which is geared toward matching up people for later dates and courtship on their own, couples in the Islamic version are expected to seek marriage soon after both sides agree, including the parents.

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