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Cole’s characterization of as a product of the far right—a publication that “in recent years…has gone specifically for racist and Islamophobic provocations” and carried out a “bullyingly racist agenda”—betrayed his ignorance.Anyone who actually bothered to acquaint himself with would have learned from two minutes on Google that its “politics,” such as they are, are best described as anti-politics.

Adhering to a post-colonial identity politics of Western guilt neatly expressed by “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau, who condemned his assassinated colleagues as practitioners of “hate speech” who “punched downward” against “a powerless, disenfranchised minority,” this worldview ranks Muslims as the worldwide “subaltern” existing at the bottom of a hegemonic power structure commanded by white Western men.2015 was the most consequential year for global free speech since at least 2006, when the Muhammad cartoon crisis erupted, if not 1989, when Ayatollah Khomeini placed his fatwa on Salman Rushdie.

The challenge has been multifaceted, appearing in the guise both of religious fanatics and oversensitive college students.

“Naturally, the defense is that a violently racist image was being used to satirize racism,” Cole scoffed. The cartoon referenced an incident involving a far-right politician who had publicized a doctored image of Taubira drawn as a monkey and featured this likeness on a campaign poster underneath a font historically associated with French right-wing political propaganda.

Taubira herself confirmed the idiocy of slandering as bigoted when she attended the funeral of the very cartoonist who had drawn the “violently racist image” of her and delivered a eulogy for one of the other cartoonists.

She praised the newspaper staff as “the sentinels, the watchmen, the lookouts even, who kept watch over democracy to make sure it didn’t fall asleep.”To be sure, one would have to be at least moderately conversant in France’s political discourse and satiric tradition to understand the meaning of the Taubira cartoon; at first glance and devoid of context, it does indeed look like a crudely racist image.

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