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Finally, an official Opaque Container for use with the hundreds of games published since the Seventies requiring one.As an added bonus, it doubles as a smart-looking coffee mug.At Alpha Omega Academy, learning happens wherever your student is, whether across the room, across the country, or around the world.AOA is an accredited online academy for grades K-12, with thousands of students enrolled worldwide.You only pay now for the games that are currently available.All orders for our upcoming releases are OMEGAPay orders - You order now, but pay later once the game is available. When you order an Omega Pak, you can add as many deluxe editions of Against the Odds back issues, Annuals and Campaign Studies as you want.We will contact you near the game's actual shipping date. You save $10 off each Against the Odds deluxe title when also ordering an Omega Pak.

At our online academy, we foster individual achievement through flexible, personalized learning programs that unveil your student’s true potential.

Learn More AOA by the Numbers: Before letting your student connect with peers online, learn a little bit more about some of today’s most popular apps and websites by conducting your own research and checking out our list of pros and cons below.

OMEGA GAMES publishes military simulation board games and Paper Wars, a bi-monthly wargame review magazine.

To place an order with OMEGA GAMES use the shopping cart or add items as you browse the site.

Feel free to click about to learn more about OMEGA GAMES.

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