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Online dating men with money dating someone in a biker gang

Your criteria for picking a partner, or your “discernment”, is now based on a number of different factors than when you were young.

…bet you think you didn’t have to think about that again for a while!

If you are newly separated or divorced after a long marriage, like me, you probably are realizing that money is going to be a much bigger issue now than last time you dated.

Middle aged dating is challenging for a lot of reasons, but one big reason is that the ball has moved a lot since you last dated.

what is the minimum salary I am willing to accept in a partner? what is the minimum net worth that I am willing to accept in a future long term partner?

All of the dating books that mentioned finances warn to wait a good while after you meet someone before talking about money. I personally prefer to put my income on my dating profile because I have had two bad experiences with men getting upset when they found out I made a significant amount more money than they did just by seeing my house when they picked me up.

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As far as net worth, I am still on the fence on that issue.

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