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Online dating whitehorse yukon dating a father figure

Jezebel’s is a journey of self-discovery, not just a search for love.“(The title) is more metaphorical than anything,” she said.

a very current phenomenon and dilemma that a lot of people are living.

And particularly in Whitehorse.” Jezebel, according to director Eva Hamburg, is a “sophisticated and beautiful woman who is successful and able in all areas of her life - apart from this one area.” The show is a series of monologues and vignettes that tell of Jezebel’s often-disastrous forays into the world of modern dating.

As the title would suggest, Often I Find That I Am Naked doesn’t pull any punches.

It deals openly with sex, alcohol, online dating and those awkward, cringe-worthy moments we’ve all had on the dating scene.

“I think if anyone’s ever been single in their life, they’re going to be able to relate to this in some way,” Mc Callum said.

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