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Stephanie is one of the best writers I know and she and Philip's writing combined were always special. Everybody that knows Steph, knows Philip always called her Big Momma or Big Girl or Opal, and after their divorce he refers to her as Stephanie only.

yes, the guys,(male) band mates are ready for this ,as well as I am!

I cant believe how many people are on the net posing as you. Oh yea, I saw chip cofee yesterday :) How did you get the second picture on the first row? This is Stephanie Opal x anselmo, aka stephanieopal,aka opalenthroned , aka southern isolation, down, body and blood, viking crown, necrophagia, dissembodied, swinging anselmos, spacecore, housecore music, spirit in the room, etc, please reply, thank you for your time Recent images of Stephanie Opal Weinstein.

oh, yea, its awesome, forgot I've heard most of it.

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Original draft for ' Landing on the Mountains of Meggido' that Philip Anselmo wrote and Stephanie added help as well as vocals. Philip and Steph wrote many many songs together throughout their many years together and most never had a chance to be published, some and many Philip still has.

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Hope there will be a day they all are published in some way.

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