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K8T writes: “1) Is Joe M really as nice a person as he seems to be? (You can see from the first shot, I feel the kickback.) And I would LOVE to come back! Well it’s hard to compare the Stargate production crew to other shows, b/c they’ve been together for over a decade. Gavankar is, did she watch any episodes of SGA to prepare for the audition (or for the role, once she got the part)? Things are totally different once you arrive on a set. This isn’t as crazy a question as it might seem – just ask Jewel Staite and Paul Mc Gillion.” Joe shot my first time shooting the P90: It wasn’t scary, but it was more power than expected. After filming SCIFI Atlantis – how would you compare your experiences with this group to other productions? ” I had seen Atlantis eps before auditioning, but I didn’t watch more before going to work, because I didn’t want to overanalyze, or “try to fit in”. Anyone who invites n00bs to his chocolate party is ok in my book! ex 2: This actor in front of you is an alien…who you have a crush on.3) Were you a fan of SGA/SG-1 before getting the part? Whether you survive on this episode or not would you like to come back and do future episodes? First, a big public thank you to Kage Baker for dropping by to spend time with us. It was a great Q&A to cap off our discussion on In the Garden of Iden, a BOMTC selection that turned out to be a book a number of you had already read. I’m writing this as I road-trip from Cincinnati to Chicago. I was telling my friend (heidi.deviantart.com, a fan of SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and scifi in general) “sure I’d be open to answering questions, if anyone even cared”. Second, finish up The Etched City because author K. Bishop will be dropping by later in the week to field your questions. She basically smacked me upside the head and told me that real scifi fans embrace n00bs. Sadly, in an attempt to answer all your questions (who knew there’d be so many! Also, if you don’t see your question answered, it’s probably been covered already. Our episode felt like it’s own little show b/c the only regular characters were Shep and Carson, which was fun, but we missed the others. I’m very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this very interesting entry. Sergeant “Dusty” Mehra from season 5’s Whispers) is here to respond to your questions. Fourth and finally – Il blog di oggi è dedicato ai “fan” italiani di Stargate. Stargate Atlantis WAS actually the most fun I’ve ever had on a gig, and I hope you love the episode as much as we do. ~j Maggie May Day writes: “For Janina, what was the best part of the costuming and what was the worst? Walkin’ around with it attached to your vest makes you feel pretty rad. Keeping straight faces for some of the drama was impossible. who would you like to have a scene with on sga that you didn’t yet have one with? if you wrote an episode that focused on your character what would it be called?

I love X-Files, Lost, (if you consider that scifi), BSG, of COURSE Stargate and all it’s permutations. ” And the ever popular Stargate generic question — what does Paul Mc Gillion smell like? I’m a strangely good shot with a .357 magnum, of all things, but this was my first time with an automatic weapon…

typing this makes me realize how much of a fan i REALLY am. Gavankar: Had you ever fired an automatic weapon (P90) before appearing on SGA? For example, you had fun, you didn’t have fun, you thought of borrowing one for that “special occasion? ” I go skeet and trap shooting with my boyfriend often. They’re a level of fluidity that they have that is only achieved through years of dedication. After your experience with Atlantis, in general, how would you characterize your opinion of Sci F?

Anything you’d like to take home and wear in the default world? I’d love to take a fake one home, but I don’t see customs handling that well!

The worst was that even with a million things to wear, I was still cold. Long underwear, your normal black uniform, a big tech vest, hand warmers stuffed in everywhere, and I was still sniffly. Caitlyanna writes: “What was a memorable moment that happened on the set of Whispers?

Wraithfodder writes: “Question for Janina: Lots of scifi is full of green screen.

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