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By eliminating servers between communicating devices and encrypting conversations end-to-end, Bleep hopes to offer better privacy than chat applications from the big names – or, for that matter, than SMS which gets stored and forwarded by telcos.On Android, Bleep is recommended for Wi Fi connections only, because it's currently a data-hungry application (it's also battery-hungry, something the development team says it's working on).Other outstanding issues at the moment include the inability to send messages to contacts that are offline; messages can be moved from desktop accounts to Android, but not in the other direction; sent messages can't be seen on multiple devices (but received messages can).The devs are also working to improve the robustness of presence-sensing, they say, along with consistent call quality.Bleep, the Bit Torrent peer-to-peer chat client, is now out in the wild in the form of a public Alpha version.First released to registered pre-alpha users in July, Bleep was then in Windows versions only.Now it's gone to release, the organisation has added Android and Mac versions.

I think he was hoping for a sexy technology tip, like an app that’s catching fire in the expert patient communities I follow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the most exciting innovation of the connected health era is…people talking with each other. What’s new is that technology allows us to widen the network of people we can talk with, increase the velocity of those conversations, inject them with more source material, then archive and make them searchable.

Caregivers and those living with chronic conditions are more likely than other adults to seek peer advice and support. I bet you’ve seen it in the wild, if not in your own life: And if you haven’t read it yet, Atul Gawande’s latest article, Slow Ideas, illustrates this idea perfectly.

It can happen online or offline, via email, phone, or on a message board. As he writes: “People talking to people is still how the world’s standards change.” He’s talking about clinicians. Imagine the velocity of innovation when those two groups work together, as they are at the C3N Project or Smart Patients, just to name two examples. I’m always looking for more examples — please share!

Another project with a similar aim also debuted today, as announced that it will use the Ricochet serverless messaging platform developed by John Brooks.

aims to create a messaging platform that leaves no metadata traces, making it much harder to track conversations between whistleblowers and journalists.

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