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Potassium argon dating mt st helens professional dating dublin

Indicator 1: Radiometric dating involves circular reasoning: This technique gives meaningless results.

It is true that the scientist who measures the sample will often ask the probable age of the rock supplied.

But this is done in order to maximize the accuracy of the measurement.

Some techniques give most accurate results for 2 million year old rocks; others give best accuracy for 3 billion year old rocks.

But these are relatively small effects -- not something that would increase the apparent age of a rock from 10,000 years to 3.6 billion years as in the case of samples "from outcrops in southwestern Minnesota are believed to represent some of the oldest rocks in North America." Indicator 3: Radiometric dating failed on Hawaiian sample: Many creation scientists state that carbon dating and potassium argon dating methods are faulty.

A sample of lava from Hawaii that was know to be less than 200 years of age tested between 160 million and 3 billion years of age. The readings were accurate measurements of inclusions of OLD rock in the NEW lava flows.

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