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The Guided Practice activities can be defined as either individual or cooperative learning.As a teacher, you should observe the students' level of mastery of the material in order to inform your future teaching.Additionally, provide focused support for individuals needing extra help to reach the learning goals. This doesn’t mean repeatedly doing what you already know how to do.This means understanding your weaknesses and inventing specific tasks in your practice to address those deficiencies. You cannot reach your mental and physical limits in just a few weeks or months.To grow to the top of your game, you’ll have to persevere for years.

One-on-one tutoring has shown to greatly reduce the differences in achievement between students of different cognitive abilities.

To benefit from practice and reach your potential, you have to constantly challenge yourself.

In order to practice with intention for long enough to become an expert or gain useful skills, you have to find the motivation to make the investment.

Definition: Writing a Guided Practice section is the fourth step in writing an effective and strong 8-step lesson plan for the elementary school classroom, after defining the Objectives, Anticipatory Set, and Direct Instruction.

In the Guided Practice section of your written lesson plan, outline how your students will demonstrate that they have grasped the skills, concepts, and modeling that you presented to them in the Direct Instruction portion of the lesson.

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