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NI is exactly what it sounds like: sexual intercourse that's supposed to result in a pregnancy, a.k.a. Only, instead of being the planned outcome of a relationship or accidental result of an awkward hookup, it's facilitated by the internet and allows you to meet up with a complete stranger with the specific aim of making a baby. In fact, there are already a number of websites: Co-Parents, Co-Parent Match, and Tadpole Donations are just a few—that allow you to find a man who will put a child in you via his real flesh-and-blood penis and then never speak to you again, if that's the kind of parenting experience you're looking for.But the potential issue with women using the internet to advertise that they want help conceiving a child is that it's bound to attract a certain percentage of guys who are far more interested in the process than the payoff.And isn't there something a little sinister in coercing sex out of someone under the pretense that you want to help them have a baby?I got in touch with Brad, a marine who moderates a couple of semen-donor forums, and who has personally donated through NI three times and AI nine times. " Clearly, these comparisons don't make any sense, but they do serve to highlight the moral ambiguities involved in scouring forum postings for casual sex when you know the desired result is a new human life."Well, if it's still consensual, is that any different to someone renting a BMW for a date when they personally drive a Robin Reliant? John Mayger, the Genghis Khan of the sperm-donor community, has fathered more than 40 children.He opposes NI and sought to explain his reasons for doing so by positing a question: "How do you explain to a child that they were just a commodity so that the [biological] father could get laid?

Referring to NI as "ersatz rape" a couple of times, he continued asking questions: "What sort of rock spider would force his children's mothers into sex? "How do I uphold my own dignity and sense of self-worth knowing that I had to bribe or force her into sex [with the promise of children]?

I will not destroy my ego for the sake of my sexual pleasure." As trenchant as he may be in his views, it's hard to deny that John has a point.

An post by a Welsh "dream NI donor." Procreation is a pretty vital aspect of human existence.

But tragically, not all of us are equipped to pollinate and populate, whether that's because our junk doesn't work right or because we can't find anyone who wants to make a baby with us.

Luckily, science has done what it was invented to do and created a number of methods to help prospective parents get around those problems—methods like IVF, artificial insemination (AI), and surrogate motherhood.

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