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The company says that it is pushing an i Tunes update next week with ‘safeguards’ to pre-emptively prevent data loss.However, Apple says it cannot reproduce the issue in internal testing so the forthcoming i Tunes update is not guaranteed to work.It also means that the exact cause of the bug is still unknown, although it appears to be a problem with the i Tunes desktop app misbehaving rather than the Apple Music streaming service.Apple says it is considering all reports of music being deleted seriously and asks anyone affected by the problem to contact Apple Care.There’s a chance that the promised i Tunes update of which Apple refers is more than a simple bug fix release — Apple is readying the release of i Tunes 12.4 which will include some UI changes to streamline navigation in the app.

The i Tunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

It also servers as the app store for applications for i OS devices such as the i Phone and i Pad.

Apple has officially acknowledged community reports of inadvertently deleted music, with users left with missing tracks in their libraries that may never be recovered, in a statement to i More.

If a user experiences this issue they should contact Apple Care.

Many readers have reported that either i Tunes or Apple Music is errantly deleting their music collection, although the culprit is still a mystery with no confirmation from Apple about the actual source of the problem to date.

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For those affected by the issue, if the user is signed up to Apple Music or i Tunes Match, the software will also ultimately replace personal music rips with versions from the i Tunes Store.

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