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However, students will play the part of carbon-14 because those are the atoms you wish to observe when measuring radioactive decay.3. Each round of flipping the coin will be called a trial.As the students flip their coins record the number of decayed and undecayed atoms on the board along with the trial number.Continue flipping he coins until all students have "decayed."4.Half-life is a mathematical concept that can be difficult for students to visualize and interact with.This activity seeks to illustrate the concept of half-life in a way that students can understand, while providing an opportunity for students to practice their graphing and computational skills.

Make sure to be clear that the carbon-14 atoms in this artifact represent only a small percentage of all the atoms that compose it. If the penny is heads the student decays to carbon-12 and must sit down.

Remind students that the majority of the artifact will be made up of carbon-12 or other atoms. If the penny comes up tails the student remains undecayed and may remain standing.

This additional information may also help teachers to generate additional follow-up questions and extensions of this project.1.

Tell the class that today they will become an artifact.

You may wish to bring in an artifact to show or a picture of the artifact you want your class to image to be.

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