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I asked relationship therapist and dating expert Andrew G Marshall to help me work out whether romance is dying of an internet virus…When it comes to seeking out love, daters in their 20s are turning to technology.With the meteoric rise of modern location-based dating apps such as Tinder, you can scroll through hundreds of strangers’ faces in minutes, deciding on a ‘hot or not’ basis whether they’re (potentially) The One.If you do see someone you like the look of, the app’s localised satellite technology means there’s a good chance that you and the potential love of your life buy your milk from the same corner shop.

Plus it’s certainly a distinct advantage to be in love with someone who lives near you.

If anything, it makes the stakes lower because you can meet more often and more casually, so there’s not as much pressure on each date.

During a recent Sunday lunch, my family and I began swapping stories about our first romances.

Mum told my sisters and me about the agonising Saturday she spent, aged 15, trying on every outfit she’d ever owned and dashing periodically to the front door.

There, she’d peer breathlessly through the letterbox, waiting for her first teenage suitor to amble awkwardly towards it. It’s hard to imagine something as innocuous as returning a call being considered invasive now.

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