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Richie sambora and denise richards dating the ultimate collection of dating books david deangelo and others

June 10, 2016 This former Harry Potter star was in his favorite vacation spot again this week.Drunk as anyone had ever seen him, he was asking every woman he met to go back to his hotel for sex.At the end of the evening he puked outside the bar before one of the women made sure he made it back to his hotel, but not his room.There used to be a time in history when the only celebrity that anyone knew about was the leader of their country.For a time she served as his muse with many songs supposedly inspired by her beauty. Their marriage ended in 1994 when she was still 40 and smoking hot, while arguably his career was turning cold.Since then Christie has married twice more, while Billy was on the market for about 10 years before getting hitched to former “Top Chef” hostess Katie Lee.

However, one thing has not changed throughout history – we still love hearing that so and so broke up.

This Top 10 features the celebrities that we’ve out and out cheered about when they broke up.

The breakup has given the common man or woman the hope that he or she might one day be more than just an avid admirer from a distance.

To be included on this list, both of them had to be famous, or in some cases infamous, through their own career.

She was his “Uptown Girl” and he was her Rockin’ musician husband.

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