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@Alpha T 1) Fair enough, this merges with the Mexico-paying point then 2) There's still a matter of trusting Mexico to control the border too then. 3) Do you not thing the new wall proposal is a bit OTT? Surely there are more cost-effective ways of dealing with the issue? You'd need an average tariff of 3.4% across all goods to earn the $10bil back and that's with ceteris paribus.Quite a large increase won't happen without consequences.And let's not forget the negative impacts of tariffs, e.g.discouraging/stopping imports of goods the US rely on, the cost getting passed onto consumers, decrease in production quality, etc.I'm sure you could easily highlight times where he has shown kindness to other races, as can I do the opposite . To me personally, it feels like he is spouting out claims that he won't realistically carry out- quite similar to Nigel Farage with his £350mil to the NHS claim.The fact is I shouldn't be able to in the first place. Trump seems to be very skilled at placing opinion over fact. A small issue being turned into a big deal to-once again- cause divide. Most people fall for the incentives, I however tend to see straight through the lies.When you have a reputation as a racist you might want to rethink how you interact with others. I don't believe Trump will be able to do half the things he says he will.If threats of tariffs are your way of making Mexico pay then prepare for problems.

If you want to do this wall then you might want to consider at least some form of barrier to improve natural barriers.

6) I'm sure they feel divided enough with the current fencing. 7) Technology has improved but the blueprints for the wall are still quite ridiculous.

In fact, this highlights one of my problems with Trump's mentality. The amount of difficulty involved in the engineering...

Not to mention that chartered engineers discussing the build of the wall suggest it will cost closer to $15/16 billion. Though I'd be interested to know if the same would apply to a country attacking the UK for example, but the attacker happens to be a US ally. All I find are sites claiming this statistic to be nonsense, but I'm sure you're trustworthy enough to give unbiased statistics. I understand he has strong beliefs that a great number of people agree with, but he tends to avoid answering what how he will go about carrying out his ideas.

I think his 'wall' could certainly do with a remodeling if it's to take place 8) So we've established that most of the world aren't convinced that he's not a racist. Common sense might tell you it's a risk, but logic will tell you that countless innocents will suffer because of this too. Also would it take just a single attack from a member of a country for their nation to be banned from immigration? 12) Do you not believe he relies too heavily on the people surrounding him though? I think 'beat around the bush' describes it perfectly.

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