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My boyfriend has his first DWI in San Antonio, Texas. He told me before that he can't leave the county but I really want him to be with me to go to S. I am very worried that my driver license could be suspended as a result of not being able to pay this ticket, I'm basically judgment proof, I have no savings or financial instruments, I'm a waiter, and I have a home that is paid off, and a car in both my father and my name.

This photo is a representation of the hotel's facilities and amenities. Fitness Center Our brand new fitness center offers everything you need to keep up your normal workout routine.

Executive Lounge Our beautifully appointed Executive Lounge sets us apart from other downtown hotels in San Antonio and offers free Wi-Fi and a comfortable space to relax. Each of our cardio machines features a personal TV for your enjoyment.

Unfortunately a couple nights ago my friend and got pulled over and without even expecting it got another one when we were dropping his mom at home. The other person's vehicle was totaled, it was raining, as well as mine, and subsequently the person suffered from whiplash and had to use their Personal Injury Protection (PIP).

And been to court twice asking for time to hire an attorney because I need the funds to do so. Dear Attorneys: I live in San Antonio, Texas and recently I was involved in a vehicular collision when I made a left turn and did not see the other person.

Can someone explain the difference between the civil subro demand and the criminal motion to suspend my license? Help help Early this morning I was heading home after a night of drinking, I ran into another car and did a sobriety test twice, I wasn't however given a breathalyzer or any other test to see my BAC.

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