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Scorpio and sagittarius dating compatibility speed dating cards esl

So, the stripped-down truth according to Sag is not only welcomed by Scorpio, but celebrated.Sags are also full of mirth and optimism, offering a counterpoint to the depressive emotions often suffered by the Scorpio lover.While Sags have gusto and can be initiators and trailblazers, they are also malleable and don’t mind compromising with Scorpio, who likes to be in charge and set the pace of the relationship.While both Scorpio and Sagittarius are incredibly brainy and bond over philosophical ideas and ideals, Scorpio’s energies thrive in the realm of the mind while Sagittarius masters the realm of experience.They are perpetually roving creatures made to explore the globe and indulge in a variety of people, from all walks of life.They will need more distance and freedom than most Scorpio lovers can permit.

The Sag is wild at heart and must be free to gallivant, yet the fire of Sagittarius so enflames Scorpio that the Stinger wants to maintain it all for self. The Sagittarius astrological sign is known for its bluntness. While this could upset many signs, it attracts the Scorpio lover.

Scorpios hate fakery, flattery, contrivances and other attempts at hiding behind facades.

Sag lovers take Scorpios out of their heads and into the world at large so they can experience life up close, take risks, and live in the face of the wind.

Scorpio will find all this intoxicating and exciting.

Sagittarius people, wise though they are, can have a silly, joker side.

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Scorpios aren’t known for humor and may find the Sag brand to be bawdy and sophomoric. What may really doom this Sagittarius – Scorpio love match is the fact that Sagittarius is really meant to be a tourist through life.

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