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: able, adequate, admirable, advantageous, agreeable, beneficial, benevolent, capital, cheerful, cheering, companionable, competent, complete, considerable, convenient, dexterous, dutiful, excellent, expert, fair, favorable, fit, friendly, genial, genuine, godly, gracious, gratifying, holy, honorable, humane, immaculate, kind, lively, merciful, obliging, perfect, pious, pleasant, precious, profitable, proper, ready, real, religious, right, righteous, satisfactory, serious, serviceable, skilful, social, sound, staunch, sterling, suitable, thorough, true, unblemished, unfeigned, unimpeached, unsullied, untarnished, upright, useful, valid, valuable, virtuous, well-adapted, well-disposed, well-qualified, wholesome, worthy.

Failure to do so can result in frustration and wasted time.

This list of questions doesn’t have to be extensive.

In the sales context, setting realistic sales targets in co-operation with the salesperson makes their achievement more likely, and the salesperson has a clearer idea of what is expected to achieve results A method of compensating direct sellers for marketing and distributing products and services direct to consumers.

Unlike ‘pyramid selling’ this is an ethical business practice that uses the principle of The use of empirical evidence to establish which strategies are associated with higher levels of profitability in an industry and thereby to advise managers in these industries towards better (more profitable) courses of action Referred to as ‘product market grids’, these models are based on positioning each business unit or specific product market on a grid according to the attractiveness of the market and the company’s competitive position.

developed by Barksdale and Harris is designed to deal with criticisms that the BCG matrix ignores products that are new, and overlooks markets with a negative growth rate, i.e. Because of this, the product life cycle portfolio matrix includes a specific focus on the growth and maturity stages of the product life cycle in developing this portfolio technique An unethical business practice that is banned in most countries.

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Where an main agent sells to sub-agents and they, in turn, sell to their sub-agents with a percentage profit of each transaction being added at each stage.

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