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Analysis of the pertinent medical diagnoses showed that declines in housing-related out-patient visits for the test group were significant in comparison with the changes for the control group.The same was not true for nonhousing-related visits.

The rates were then observed from several different aspects.

When such visits were classified as to whether they were housing-related or nonhousing-related, only the housing-related visits showed a significant relative improvement for the test group.

Analysis of the visits classified in this manner was performed in two ways: (a) through a chi-square test of individual behavior and with t tests on the averages for the total test and control groups and for sex-specific and age-specific categories.

The significant results realized through both of these testing procedures provide strong evidence that the test group experienced a relative decline in the rates of utilization of outpatient medical care.

The evidence supports a conclusion that the persons who were rehoused realized a reduction in outpatient visits relative to those who were not.

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