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George Cisneros Ana Carolina Castillo Crimm Helen B. JV Martinez Rueben Martinez Juan Mayans Armando Montes Yolanda Ochoa Lic. Refugio Rochin [email protected] Velazquez was born in a dingy hospital on the U. Armando Escobar Olmedo Martin Espino George Faras Sylvia Jean de Jesus Garcia Robert Garcia Henry Michael Godines Robert Gonzales George Gause Mark Hardwick Odell Harwell Elsa Herbeck Lorraine Hernandez Mark Holmerud John Inclan Jane Lindsey Paul Newfield Dr.Guillermo Padilla Origel Sandra Robbie Manuel Robles de la Torre Dr. Tomkinson Crispin Rendon Major Millie Rosa Virginia Sanchez John P. S.-Mexican border and has been straddling the two nations ever since.

Her parents returned to their homeland the next year with five younger kids.

Advertisement The Velazquezes speak fluent English and cherish their middle-class foothold in America.

Maria and Carlos each earn about $20,000 a year as a school administrator and a graveyard foreman, respectively, and they own a simple three-bedroom home.

But they remain wedded to their native language and culture.

Spanish is the language at home, even for their five boys, ages 6 to 18.

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  1. When he was fighting for his life in the cold waters of the Atlantic off the coast of Ireland, he vowed that if he survived, he would devote much of his time and substantial financial resources to a worthwhile cause.